Stand Out From the Crowd With Handmade Jewelry

When you hear the word ‘jewelry’, you probably think of a vast variety of accessories made of gold and precious stones. There is a good reason for that. For thousands of years, people have been using those materials for their longevity and value. When you buy expensive jewelry made by professionals, you expect it to last as long it possibly can, which means: classic design, gold, and stones. So boring… What if you want something different? What if you could make something unique yourself?

Handmade Jewelries

In the modern world of mass production and globalization, people start to ask those questions more and more often. That’s why DIY handmade jewelry became such a popular hobby. Handmade jewelry is basically any accessory you can make that is durable enough to be worn multiple times (i.e., flowers don’t count). The design can be modest or completely bizarre, according to one’s preferences. You can unchain your fantasy and let it go wild. This hobby is very rewarding in terms of both practicality and fun.

One of the main reasons you might want to have DIY jewelry is because it’s unique. It’s made by you for yourself, and nobody can buy it anywhere. Another key reason is the price. Assuming that the time spent for a hobby is free, homemade jewelry can be extremely cheap to create from objects that you considered being trash not long ago. Being cheap and unique, this type of jewelry can be custom-made for a specific party, utilizing its theme! Do snowflake earrings for Christmas, intertwined rings for a wedding, or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the tools needed for the job can vary from very simple ones (scissors, glue, stitching awl, needle, etc.) to more advanced (pliers, hammer, pincers, etc.). Commonly used materials include metal wires, fishing lines, thin ropes, chains, beads, and much, much more. Some people use industrial washers, tin plumbing rings, dead bugs, and whatnot…

If your fantasy needs some help, there are numerous websites online, dedicated specifically to handmade jewelry crafting. People gather there to share their passion and experience, help newcomers, and discuss each other’s projects. It’s an endless well of priceless knowledge and inspiration.

Here are some general principles to use when making jewelry. Any project starts with an idea. For example, you want something looking like ice crystals for, let’s say, New Year ball. Then you come up with a plan, which helps to fulfill the idea. A good plan consists of what materials you need, where to get them, what tools are required to work with them, and what time limits do you have. Following these rules step by step won’t let any of your ideas to become stillborn.

That’s most likely everything you need to start your journey into the amazing world of DIY jewelry. And it really is a whole other world, where ordinary things, surrounding you, suddenly can become ideas for your projects. Let it be fun. Be creative. And stand out from the crowd with handmade jewelry!